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The aims and objectives of the association is to promote the development of pole vaulting for all ages and abilities by providing coaching by qualified pole vault coaches, providing the athletes with the correct equipment required to pole vault and ensuring the aims and objectives of the association are consistent with furthering of equal opportunities for all groups.


Members are required to pay the annual membership fee (currently £30) in addition to the normal "pay and play" entrance fee for NIAC.

For newcomers to pole vault, try it out for a few sessions, the first membership fee need only be paid one month after starting. You will not be required to provide any special equipment. Just turn up with trainers, spikes and enthusiasm and we will provide the rest!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Welsh Pole Vault Association on the contact page



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Welsh Pole Vault Association. Promoting the development of Pole vaulting for all ages and abilities by providing elite coaching by Welsh Athletics Coaches


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